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Corazón Grande is dependent on voluntary contributions. An excellent way to help is to become an orphan sponsor and regularly support the orphanage with a sum you choose yourself. You may support the orphanage in general or choose a girl to become your "own". Siw prefers that you support the whole orphanage but any help is received with gratitude.

"Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody."

To become an orphan sponsor please contact:
Gunilla Boxberg-Wide, GSM: +358 50 347 7707 or email corazongrandefi /at/

Money Laundering Act RA/2019/354
The Police Board has granted the Corazon Grandes Faddrar Association on 12.4. 2019 a Monetary Collection Act valid 7.6.2019-6.6.2021 in Uudenmaa, Finland. The funds collected are used to maintain the Corazón Grande children's home in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and the funds are transmitted monthly to the orphanage. The Corazón Grandes Faddrar Association r.f. organizes the collection of funds.

Or contribute by paying directly to the Finnish account below:

Corazon Grandes faddrar rf
Bank account: FI46 1331 3000 1086 56

Siw Broman
El Ejercito de Salvación
Casilla 3594

Email: siw832001 /at/

Siw Broman

The Sponsor contribution - how we use it

Siw Broman answers some questions about what it costs to run Corazón Grande.

How many girls live in Corazón Grande?
Right now there are 20 girls, but the number varies. At most, we have 24 girls.

Can you tell us a bit about the staff at the home?
The permanent staff consists of the manager and six carers. In addition, we have external personnel who work part time. They include a psychologist, a social worker, an accountant and three volunteers. Everybody together makes the girls feel good physically, psychologically and socially.

How much does it cost to keep the home?
Department needs about 117500 euros per year, which means about 9800 euros a month. This sum includes expenses for:

-Costs for electricity, telephone, gas
-Culture and recreation
-Travel (school, city, etc.)
-Legal services

In addition we have expences for maintenance of the buildings, salaries for administrative staff and administrative fees.

Some months need extra money, for example in February. Then the school year begins and the girls need school supplies, school uniforms, shoes, running shoes, etc. Also in December, the expenditure is higher.

An extra expense that affects the home is known as "extra wages". The Bolivian government has decided that all employees shall receive two extra salaries a year. This is due to the economic situation in the country. This means that we need 3800 Euros in addition to the normal budget.

What expenses are there for school?
Everything costs. The girls need a school uniform, school bag, shoes, sports apparel, books, notebooks, pens, materials, etc. The expenditure is about 410 euros per year for a girl.

A normal sponsorship fee is 25 euros / month. Can you give examples of what you get for it?
The cost in Bolivia have risen. Some examples from today:

-A pair of shoes or running shoes
-Food for a girl for two weeks
-Sports outfit and several pairs of socks
-School bag for three girls
-School supplies required by the school (notebooks, pencils, rubbers, folders, etc.)

What is the economic situation at Corazon Grande?
The economic situation is uncertain. The revenue comes from abroad, which means that changes in exchange rates affect our economy. Any unexpected expense cause headaches and it is difficult to cut down on costs.

Do you get all municipal or state aid?
Yes. Child protection in Bolivia supports us with food products with a value of approximately 6065 euros annually, which is about 6% of our expenses. We also seek national donors when we need to acquire equipment such as refrigerators, stoves and water filters. In 2016 we received equipment worth about 10 000 euro.

So you could say that the sponsorship contribution is what keeps you going?
Absolutely. Corazón Grande is maintained by sponsor contributions and other support mainly from Finland. The grant represents 93% of the expenses that we have. You, the contributors and we here in Bolivia are doing the valuable work to give these poor girls a future!




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